La NINCO World Cup es la mayor competición internacional de slot del mundo. Durante todo un año, centenares de pilotos compiten para poder representar a su país en la gran final, dónde sólo los mejores se disputan la gloria de ser el Campeón del Mundo.

The Ninco World Cup is most important slot event in the world, throughout the year hundreds of drivers across the globe compete in order to represent their country in the grand final where only the best compete for world champion glory.


El circuito de la final / The final's circuit

A pocos días del gran evento, os avanzamos el trazado de la final de Silverstone. Sinceramente, creemos que es el más técnico de cuantos hemos visto en la historia de la NINCO World Cup, ¡suerte a todos!

A few days away from the great event, we are pleased to unveil the circuit layout for the final of the NWC 2008. We feel this is the most technically challenging layout we have ever put together in the history of this event. Good luck to all participants.

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NINCO Bob said...

Naturally, I am looking forward to Team USA being on the podium, but I wish all the teams in this most challenging World Cup race the best of luck. Most important, enjoy being with other competitive racers from around the world, and remember the NINCO name when a new racer gets into this exciting hobby.